„The Stendel Way“: Barnsley feiert 96-Spiele von Daniel Stendel mit Best Of-Video

Daniel Stendel ist neuer Coach bei FC Barnsley. Im Interview betont er, wie wichtig es ist, dass Barnsley trotz Abstieg in die dritte Liga auf den Support seiner Fans vertrauen kann. Foto: FC Barnsley

Während einige englische Fußball-Fans sich noch fragten: Who the f… is Daniel Stendel?“, wird Daniel Stendel an anderer Stelle schon enthusiastisch begrüßt.

Der FC Barnsley ist offenbar mehr als glücklich mit seiner Neuverpflichtung. Um den auf der Insel weitestgehend unbekannten Stendel vorzustellen, präsentierte der FC Barnsley ein Video mit einigen Best Of-Szenen aus Stendels Zeit bei Hannover 96. Titel: „The Stendel Way!“.

Das erinnert fast ein bisschen an die Anfangseuphorie, die Daniel Stendel in Hannover ausgelöst hat.

Hier noch einmal das legendäre Video nach dem 2:0-Heimsieg gegen Borussia Mönchengladbach im April 2016 (120-Jahr-Feier von Hannover 96), das jeder 96-Fan gesehen haben muss:

Video: Magnus Weidke

Nach seiner Entlassung bei Hannover 96 hospitierte Stendel bei Arsenal London, um von Arsène Wenger zu lernen. Derweil hat Daniel Stendel offenbar auch gut an seinem Englisch gearbeitet. Im folgenden einige Auszüge vom ersten Stendel-Interview, das auf der Barnsley-Homepage mitsamt einer Erklärungen zu Daniel Stendel veröffentlicht wurde (den vollen Text zum Nachlesen unter https://www.barnsleyfc.co.uk/news/2018/june/stendel-interview/).

The German, who signed a two-year deal with the Reds, wants to play a brand of exciting attacking football in order to help the Club achieve its main goal for the upcoming season.

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“The style of football that the fans can expect is for us to play actively, to get the ball forward and regain the ball back quickly after losing it,” insisted Stendel.

“I want to put pressure on the opponent – defend offensively – as a team. Team spirit is important for this style of football. The English style of football fits well to my personal football philosophy, and my main goal is to be the best football playing team in the league.”


Stendel was most recently the manager at Hannover 96 and boasted an impressive goals to game ratio, with 50 scored in 28 outings. The 44-year-old also won 54% of his games in charge of Die Roten as they aimed to secure promotion from Bundesliga 2 at the first attempt and the new Head Coach told barnsleyfc.co.uk more about his background as well other help he may have at his disposal within the English game.

“I played in the Bundesliga 2 and I was working as a youth manager at the Hannover 96 academy, then became head coach while they were in the Bundesliga 2.

“I know Daniel Farke [Norwich City], and I also played with David Wagner [Huddersfield Town] and Thomas Christiansen [Leeds United, previously]. I’ve also got communication with Jos Luhukay [Sheffield Wednesday]. I know the guys quite well and there’s easy access, and if there’s an opportunity I’d like to get some information, but I will still continue my own way with my route and style of football.”


Following a long period of working within an academy structure at previous club Hannover 96, Daniel and his staff will be looking to implement a structure over time at the Club which will see every player at all age levels playing in a style that would prepare them for the first team.


“The earlier they learn the idea of my football, the easier it will be for them to step into the first team. At Hannover, I brought players into the first team. However, the focus for the first couple of months will be on the first team, naturally.

„Having seen the set-up and infrastructure of the stadium I feel already that there is a lot of energy within the Club. When I was at Hannover, I had the whole city behind the club and I want the fans to follow my ideas. It’s important that we work together as a team – not just the coaching staff and the players, but also the supporters.“ 

Die Lieblingsfolgen vom 96Freunde-Podcast mit Altin Lala, Florian Fromlowitz und Ewald Lienen. Viel Spaß beim Reinhören!

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